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All of our services are performed with top-notch products, tools, and talent!

If you have any questions or are looking for something you do not see,     give us a call...

Our "Not So Basic Bath" Package

Our Not-So-Basic Bath includes:

2 shampoos and 1 conditioning treatment with all natural, soap/detergent/sulfate-free products

Competition-level tools that are extra gentle on skin and coat

Anal gland expression

Teeth Brushing

Foot Scrub

Fruit-based Facial Scrub

Face, head, and full-body massage

Keratin Coat Treatment to protect the skin & coat from dry desert weather

100% Hand Fluff Dry (We do not have any cage dryers)

Sanitary Trim of potty parts, if desired

Our Deluxe Nail Trim - Clear pads of fur and mats, if needed

                                           Cut, file and buff all nails, including dewclaws

Pulling of ear hair by hand, if needed

Ear Cleaning

Final Comb Through of Finishing Spray, depending on coat

Pad Wax & Nose Balm if needed

And Bling!  Bows, bandannas, or neck ties, if desired.

We will also include: Up to 20 minutes of de-matting & our AMAZING De-Shedding Package at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Full Service Grooming Package

Our Full Service Grooming Package includes everything from our Not So Basic Bath listed above, along with the cut and style of your choice, including stellar Breed Cuts.  All cuts are scissor-finished.  Full-body scissor cuts are also available.

Specialty Services

Specialty Services-

Gentle De-Matting

Hand Stripping

Coat Rolling


A' la Carte "In-Between" Services

A' la carte Items-

Deluxe Nail Trim

Anal Glands

Ear Hair/Cleaning

Sanitary Trim

Bow Removal/Replacement

Visor/Bang Trim

Brush/Blow Out

Nail Polish

Teeth Brushing

Add-On Services

Add-On Services-

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Mud Bath specifically selected for pet’s individual needs

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Pet-Safe Hair Coloring

Nail Polish

Thera-Clean MicroBubble Bathing Technology

Thera-Clean!!! Whether it’s a deeper clean you are looking for, relief for your pets’ skin issues, or help with allergies to your pets, …Thera-Clean to the rescue!  Click to learn more about MicroBubble Technology!

Special Needs

We are happy to accommodate your pet's special needs, whatever they may be.  We will consult with you prior to your pet's grooming to be sure we know exactly how your pet needs to be cared for.

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